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Art Editorial

journeywithabsent.jpg Memories of the dead

This is Ellie Harrison and she’s on a month-long journey to see how we go about remembering the dead. On a gravestone? A Facebook page? Aisle 22 of Tesco?

Travelling between sites of personal remembrance, Ellie will be stopping at arts centres, museums, beer gardens, maybe even the occasional service station, and you are invited to embark on your own journey to spend some time reflecting. Add your memories to her audio archive or embroidered map, have a cuppa and spend some time exploring a caravan full of hidden treasures. The caravan is free and open to people of all ages. The journey will be punctuated with meal events combining beautiful design, great food and immersive performance plus the chance to remember someone you have lost. The Grief Series is a sequence of seven projects by Leeds-based artist and performance maker, Ellie Harrison, and by using a seven stage Grief Model from psychology as a starting point, she is looking to normalise the conversation about bereavement and reassure us.

A Journey With Absent Friends, Tuesday 19 June, ARC, Stockton, 12 midday-6.30pm, free. griefseries.co.uk