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Art Editorial

bedlingtonterrier18.jpg Isn’t that a Bedlington Terrier?

Yes indeed! And William Scott’s 1936 painting is just one of the highlights of Pitmen Painters Unseen, which is at the Woodhorn Museum.

Of course, the ‘Pitman Painters’ were brought to national, and indeed international, prominence when Lee Hall penned his play about working class men who took up painting, but these startling works should be judged on their own merits. This exhibition has been curated by Narbi Price who commented: “Of the hundreds of paintings they [the Ashington Group] produced in their careers, many were either gifted to local people or sold to private collectors; so much of their work remains unseen.” These unseen works including paintings by founding member Oliver Kilbourn and Ashington Group members Len Robinson, Jack Harrison, Jimmy Floyd and Fred Laidler. Price – winner of the Contemporary British Painting Prize 2017 – will also be showing some incredible work, which has been inspired by the Ashington Group.

Pitmen Painters Unseen and The Ashington Paintings, until 16 September, Woodhorn Museum, QEII Country Park, Ashington. experiencewoodhorn.com