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Stage Editorial

ruddigore18.jpg Ruddy hell! It’s Ruddigore!

Brace yourself as the redoubtable Tynemouth Gilbert and Sullivan Society gear up to bring us Ruddigore – otherwise known as The Witch’s Curse. Oh my!

When Gilbert and Sullivan turned their hands to the supernatural they really stirred the the pot with a comic show that revolves around a witch’s curse, a ghostly uncle, a bad baronet (who has given up sinning), his mad girlfriend, and a whole picture gallery of ancestors who step out of their frames to remind the hapless hero of his duty (ie to commit a crime every day). Our heroine is Rose who is guided by a book of etiquette that was left in her basket when she was abandoned as a baby. Also in the mix are Robin, a shy young farmer who is in love with Rose, and Richard, a sailor with a wandering eye… (Spoiler: it all works out in the end with a truly rousing G&S finish.) The Tynemouth Gilbert and Sullivan Society have been wowing audiences for many years and they look set to continue that decades-long hot streak with this latest extravaganza. Jump to it!

Ruddigore, Tuesday 26-Saturday 30 June, Tynemouth Priory Theatre, Percy Street, Tynemouth, 7.30pm (Saturday 5.30pm), £12/£14. tgss.co.uk