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Music Editorial

gokartmozart18.jpg La La land

Cult singer/songwriter Lawrence is the man behind Felt, Denim and Go-Kart Mozart and he’s bringing G-KM to the Star and Shadow in June. (Sound the Gig Of The Month klaxon.)

I’m often never asked to compile my Top Ten Albums Of All Time list, but if I was then Denim’s 1992 release Back In Denimwould be on it. Featuring 10 songs in thrall to the classic glam and middle-of-the-road sound of the early 1970s it’s a veritable manifesto of frothy good stuff (“I’m against the 80s” – “Don’t be told, who to like, it’s your choice, it’s your right”). It was a huge body swerve away from his indier-than-thou 1980s band Felt, but it wasn’t a hit. Nor were any of his subsequent albums that were banged out under the Go-Kart Mozart banner. Nevertheless, these releases are chockfull of wonders and that includes this year’s Mozart’s Mini-Mart, which contains the most synth-poppiest songs ever written about depression (“Can’t picture a future, I’m so repressed, Can’t get no sleep, Can’t get no rest”) and poverty (“I’m living in relative poverty, I’m living on a tenner a day, Goodness gracious, A tenner day”). One of the most singular talents that the UK has ever produced this should be some night at the recently opened Star and Shadow with support coming from the Zahnpasta Brothers, a, it says here, “politically correct duo from the north-east”.

Go-Kart Mozart + Zahnpasta Brothers + DJ Michael Clunkie, Friday 29 June, Star and Shadow, Warwick Street, Newcastle, 8pm, £10. seetickets.com