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Music Editorial

toyah18.jpg Still caking it on, I see

Toyah without Max Factor would be like Ant without Dec (ie you could probably get away with it for a few months, but then the public are going to demand that you get back together whatever the cost). She’s playing Newcastle in June.

Imagine being able to wave round a CV like Toyah’s. She starred in Derek Jarman’s seminal punk epic Jubileeand mod classic Quadrophenia; has been a panellist on Loose Women; and written a couple of books. Oh – she’s also had a stellar pop career too and she’ll be taking a break from her well received acoustic appearances to play with a full electronic band when she alights on Newcastle’s O2 Academy in June. She first made a splash on the scene by harnessing the energy of punk and adding plenty of colour to her new wave/pop tunes which saw her score a string of hits in the early 1980s including I Want to Be Free,Thunder in the MountainsIt’s a Mysteryand Good Morning Universe. She has a very loyal fanbase who continue to pack out her regular tours which she somehow manages to squeeze in among everything else she does, and I imagine they’ll be out in force for this latest romp around the country. Slap on your most garish eye-shadow and I’ll see you somewhere down the front.

Toyah, Saturday 9 June, O2 Academy, Newcastle, 7pm, £23. academymusicgroup.com/o2academynewcastle