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healthyeating.jpg How easy is it to eat healthy?

Many people around the world struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be down to many different factors, ranging from social and educational to opportunity and psychology. Others make it part of their lifestyle, sometimes to the extreme end of the spectrum where every minute detail of a diet is measured and controlled. So, how easy is it to maintain a healthy, balanced diet There's more than one side to the coin, it would appear.

One of the "not easy at all" arguments is that unhealthy food is more accessible than healthy food. It could be argued that we are constantly fed advertisements for unhealthy fast food on the street, which has an effect on how we make decisions on what to eat.

On the other hand, there has been an influx of services like Deliveroo where you can get healthy options delivered directly to you, making eating well even easier than heading out of the house for junk food. Furthermore, there must be some attribution to people’s autonomy and ability to make their own choices, even if they are exposed to advertising.

Despite the fact that diets of some sort have existed for centuries, it wasn't until recent decades that it became so widely popular. This is largely due to the advent of social media, which has propelled the clean eating movements of the 21stcentury into international recognition. More than just a sideshow in the food industry, healthy food has become an industry of its own that only continues to grow.

If you want to find tips on how to eat well, there is plenty of information out there. That is, however, one of the issues, too. Too much choice makes it harder for the average person to single out the thoroughly-researched nutritional programs from the sea of Instagrammers who don’t have the expert knowledge.

Many automatically categorise healthy food as needing to eat specially created products or cook strange meals they never even heard of. The interesting thing is that many places around the world have healthy diets ingrained in their food culture, which probably wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about healthy food.

The Mediterranean diet, for example, has long been hailed as one of the world’s healthiest. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, dairy and the occasional glass of red wine have been linked to a generally higher sense of well-being and health. These are things we eat frequently and have easy access to, which would suggest we have the key to a better diet right on our doorstep.

There are several complexities involved when discussing healthy eating. Despite the fact that there are healthy options out there readily available to us, many factors are involved that make it harder to consistently choose the right option. That is also a lesson to consider: even though we should try to eat healthily, treating yourself isn’t a bad thing. Eating completely healthy might be a challenge, but balancing nutritious food with occasional treats is both attainable and advisable.