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warholtop.jpg Own an original Warhol

Uniqlo have just banged out a load of Andy Warhol related clobber that take in everything from kids cagoules to sweatshirts to this summer’s coolest look: the stripy top.

Funnily enough, I’ve just been reading an interview with J. Tomilson Hill, art collector and board member with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who reckons that Andy Warhol is a more important artist than Picasso. I’m not sure if I’m buying that, but Warhol’s graphic pieces certainly lend themselves more to pop culture (see The Velvet Underground’s iconic banana) than any of Pablo’s daubings. That said this new clothing range could have been kinda terrible, but it is, in fact, kinda amazing. It features t-shirts emblazoned with some of Warhol’s most famous images, from dollar signs to Marilyns to his early shoe drawings; rain-macs decorated in his flower motif; and slippers festooned in soup cans. And Uniqlo have also plundered Andy’s own looks for a range of stripy tops, the kind of which he usually wore when hanging around The Factory looking enigmatic. Complete the look with a pair of shades, a blond fright wig and a dozen hangers-on speeding off their drug nuts.

Seek: uniqlo.com