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combatsports.jpg Bought the album? Get the t-shirt!

The Vaccines are responsible for the indie-power-pop release of the year thus far, with their exuberant Combat Sportsalbum, and if your love for it knows no bounds then, hey, why not grab hold of the t-shirt that adorns its sleeve.

I’ve come a real cropper in the past when trying to take my fashion tips from album covers. For instance, I’ve got this deluxe edition of a Beyonce album where she’s wearing this buttock flashing, purple chiffon dress, but my attempts at recreating this look on the Costa del Sol bordered on the illegal. I once also tried to style my hair like David Bowie’s on the cover of his iconic Lowalbum sleeve to rather woeful effect. (On him that orange wedge cut made him look like an endlessly interesting alien, but on me it looked like a mangy ginger tom had made its home on my head.) I think I’m on safer ground with the latest cover from The Vaccines. The album itself sees the band returning to their trademark power-pop, with gloriously hammering tunes that have all the get-up-and-go of a seven-year-old let loose on a pick and mix stand. It’s their best in years and I also love the album sleeve which features someone giving it six-nowt in a ‘Combat Sports’ baseball shirt (which features longer sleeves than yer common-or-garden t-shirt). Couple it with a leather jacket and/or a debauched sense of giddy fun and you’ll complete the look.

The Vaccines Combat Sports Baseball Shirt is £25 from: thevaccinesuk.shopfirebrand.com