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Art Editorial

ironman18.jpg Iron Man turns gold

Newcastle Arts Centre are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man as part of this year’s Late Shows events and it looks like it’s going to be quite a night.

If someone blurts out the words “Ted” and “Hughes” to me I immediately think of his sundry foxes, pikes and hawks, but then when I take a moment to consider I invariably bring to mind my favourite work of his: The Iron Man. For a bloke known for his poems about nature, it was a bit of a body swerve to present his readers in 1968 with a science fiction novel, but this modern fairy tale has endured and over the years has inspired artists, writers and musicians to reinterpret it in their own way (including Brad Bird’s animated film, The Iron Giant, which has gone on to become a cult classic). As part of this year’s Late Shows Details Art Materials have teamed up with local artists to deliver a drop-in printmaking, drawing and painting workshop taking its cue from this classic tale. What’s more, the Jazz Café will be running a pop-up café in the gallery, and in the Black Swan venue there will be live music from Afro-Brazilian jazz band Caravella. Gonna be good.

50 Years of The Iron Man, Saturday 19 May, Newcastle Arts Centre, 67 Westgate Road. newcastle-arts-centre.co.uk