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Music Editorial

nickdrake18.jpg Williams! MacColl! Nick! Drake!

What that surfeit of headline exclamation marks is trying to say is that Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl (pictured) are celebrating Nick Drake in two special shows from Down by the River promotions in May, one in Stockton and one in Newcastle. Woo hoo!

Well this is going to be just splendid. Nick Drake would have been 70 this year, but, even though he died aged just 26, he still left us with a body of work that has posthumously grown year on year to influence countless generations of artists, artists such as Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl.

Williams is one of the UK’s most respected and critically acclaimed singer-songwriters whose gentle melodies and delicate songs have drawn comparisons with Drake. She also received a Mercury Prize nomination for her superb Little Black Numbersalbum and has continued to delight with each subsequent release.

MacColl meanwhile hails from folk royalty - with his father being Ewan MacColl and his mother Peggy Seeger - but he has developed into a much respected musician in his own right.

The pair will be performing the songs of, and songs inspired by, Nick Drake, at these two gigs which will also feature Ian Bartholomew and Sara Dennis (plus George Boomsma in Stockton and Lee Maddison in Newcastle). I’m calling it: gigs of the month.

Northern Sky: Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl, Saturday 19 May, The Georgian Theatre, Stockton, 7.30pm, £17; Sunday 20 May, The Cluny, Newcastle, 7pm, £17. georgiantheatre.co.uk; thecluny.com