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Music Editorial

holymolyandthecrackers18.jpg Look at this bunch of Crackers

Newcastle’s Holy Moly & The Crackers are one of the region’s most idiosyncratic and, yes, best bands, and they’re playing Stockton this May (and can also be found supporting Elephant Sessions in Newcastle).

The ‘About’ section on the Holy Moly & The Crackers’ website – the bit that describes what they’re all about – begins with the rather underwhelming sentence: “Newcastle’s Holy Moly & The Crackers are one of the country’s hardest working bands.” I couldn’t really care less if my favourite bands spend their time feasting on peeled grapes and lounging by infinity pools, as long as they bang out a great album every so often.

And, make no mistake, Holy Moly & The Crackers certainly know how to bang out a great album, case in point being the superb Salem, one of my very favourite releases of recent years, which picked up folk-rock and really shook it by the throat. It’s packed with beefy songs that take in everything from citrus sharp post-punk riffs to drunken shanties to atmospheric ballads, and everything is injected with a real sense of drama – the boy/girl vocals adding another layer of “I’ll have some of that!” to their palette. So, yes, they may be one of the hardest working bands in the UK, but, to their growing army of fans, they’re also one of the most cherished.

Holy Moly and the Crackers, Friday 25 May, The Georgian Theatre, Stockton, 8pm, £10. georgiantheatre.co.uk (they’re also supporting Elephant Sessions at the O2 Academy in Newcastle on Thursday 17 May).