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Clubs Editorial

iggyfabrik18.jpg You’ll know this fella, right?

Iggy Pop won’t be DJing at the next FABRIK night at The Cluny in May, but there’s a more than even chance you’ll hear some of his stuff when they get all garage, retro punk and generally alternative racket on our hides.

Is there anything Iggy Pop can’t do? Godfather of punk, underpants shedder and leader of the most down and dirty rock and roll band ever to stalk the planet, even his appearances in some distinctly awful adverts for car insurance a few years back couldn’t dent his iron clad street cred. And he, and his band The Stooges, are sure to get a good airing at this FABRIK event which is taking place in the bar of The Cluny in May. You can also expect to hear plenty of other garage rock and punk drawn from across the decades including stuff from the likes of The Velvet Underground and Berlin period Bowie. And if you think such a night could only be enhanced by a smidgeon of electro – LCD Soundsystem style – then you’re bang in luck. (Oh – and it’s probably also worth mentioning that it’s all free.)

FABRIK, Saturday 12 May, The Cluny bar, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 8pm-12pm, free. facebook.com/Overproof100