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Stage Editorial

bonbons18.jpg Give this woman a BonBon

Bonnie and the Bonnettes – and an array of other acts – will be at The BonBons Cabaret in April with a series of What Ifs…

The BonBons Cabaret? Isn’t that the evening hosted by the always wonderful Bonnie and the Bonnettes which has a goal to facilitate safe platforms for experimental, queer and alternative performance work in the north-east? Indeed it is and the next one is nigh.

This one’s mission statement runs thus: “Everybody changes. In 2010 we all had side fringes and Duffy won loads of Brit Awards (where is she now?). In 2006 Hannah Montana ruled the world and our biggest worry was if Gabriella and Troy would ever, actually, break free. In 1998 we all had Furbys as a pet and Titanic won 11 Oscars (we’ve never let go!). Times have changed but we mustn’t forget that before we could run we did a sort of waddle. Before we lived here we lived somewhere else. Before this moment there was a lot of others to learn from. So get ready as Bonnie and the Bonettes and an array of acts throw out the “what ifs” and the “somedays” because it’s time to go back, reminisce and to confront the good old days.”

Make of that what you will, but if B&TB are involved then you can rest assured that it’s all going to be enormous fun.

The BonBons Cabaret, Saturday 21 April, Alphabetti Theatre, St James Boulevard, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £7 (£5 conc.). alphabettitheatre.co.uk