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Film Editorial

badfilmclub18.jpg Bad meaning good…

The Bad Film Club is coming to the Tyneside Cinema over the coming months with some of the most hilariously awful films that cinema has to offer.

In a cinematic landscape littered with Nicholas Cage performances dialled right up to, and past, 11, there is one that reigns supreme. His turn in Vampire’s Kiss has to be seen to be believed. Scratch that: you don’t actually see his performance, you experience it; it provokes a physical reaction in viewers, the principal one being that of uncontrollable laughter. On release the New York Times opined: “The film is dominated and destroyed by Mr Cage’s chaotic, self-indulgent performance”, which is nearly correct, as Mr Cage’s chaotic, self-indulgent performance is the chief reason for making this baaaaad film, a must-see. Vampire’s Kiss kicks off this season of the Bad Film Club at the Tyneside Cinema, where interaction and heckling is positively encouraged. Other so-bad-it’s-good offerings include United Passions (a World Cup special, this FIFA funded monstrosity is one of the worst reviewed films of all time and features Tim Roth as Sepp Blatter – yes, really) and Road House (pictured – Patrick Swayze plays a bouncer in a roadside bar with WTF results). Full programme and more information from the website, below.

Bad Film Club: Vampire’s Kiss, Thursday 5 April; United Passions, Thursday 7 June; Road House, Thursday 2 August. All 8.30pm. tynesidecinema.co.uk/bad-film-club