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Clubs Editorial

floatingpoints18.jpg I DJ, therefore I am

Floating Points is not just a neuroscientist turned DJ, he’s a neuroscientist turned one of the most trailblazing dance music DJs in the world. He’s in Newcastle this April.

I doubt if anyone has ever approached Brandon Block when he’s been playing a set and offered him a book on philosophy but that’s exactly what happened to Floating Points when he was gigging in San Francisco once: “A girl came up to me and said, ‘I think you might like this’. It was a David Eagleman book called Sum, which is 40 short stories about what the afterlife might be and atomic reincarnation, where you get to heaven and God is presented to you as a bacteria, and of the absorbance of life…” (Definitely never happened to Brandon Block.) The man has been a revelation on the dance scene, producing his own music, which is perhaps slower and more funky than anything tagged “bass”, and playing sets that take clubbers through a real education. It’ll be the second time that he has played Worldies and if you caught his first set then you’ll know what to expect. If you didn’t, then prepare yourself for a masterclass in hypnotic intensity.

Reasons to be Cheerful: Floating Points, Thursday 19 April, World Headquarters, Carliol Square, Newcastle, 11pm-4am, £20. welovewhq.com