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Music Editorial

carnation18.jpg The buttonhole surfers

This is Manchester’s Carnation and a cursory glance at their picture should tell you that they’re attempting to continue that lineage of fine Manc guitar bands. You can see if they’re anywhere near succeeding when they rock up in Stockton this April.

There is actually another Carnation kicking around who are a blistering death metal band from Belgium. They wield songs such as Exploding Cadavers, which sound like the aural equivalent of the winnits hanging from Satan’s arse. They’re fucking terrible. Manchester’s Carnation are a different proposition all together. They’re one of the leading proponents in the north-west of the new found swagger that seems to be pulsating through indie-rock in the UK at the moment. They’ve been lobbing fuel onto the fire of the Manchester scene over the last year following the very well received release of their debut single Fatal Attraction, which rides some stonking riffs and early period Stone Roses-like wide-eyed innocence. The other track of theirs that is doing the rounds is Time Waster, which displays some swirling fretboard fury and enough youthful brio to power a TV station. There’s a definite fuss around them so why don’t you see what it’s all about when they visit the region in April?

Carnation + Catalyse + Swilly Chill, Saturday 14 April, Green Room, Green Dragon Studios, Stockton, 8pm, £5. georgiantheatre.co.uk