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Music Editorial

taxtheheat18.jpg Rock gets Edwardian on your ass

Tax The Heat have never knowingly wore sports casual clothing and they’ve got a sound that harks back to years gone by too (I’m talking the 1980s). They’re very good and are playing Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle this April.

There’s a definite harking back to the 1980s at the minute, certainly among the rock cognoscenti, who can’t get enough of those huge rolling riffs and hooks the size of skyscrapers. Tax The Heat deal in both of these things and certainly know how to dish out the pure sugar rush fun to be found in jackhammer melodies that trade-in bluff and bluster for genuine tunes that slam like a motherfucking netty door in a hurricane. They turned many a discerning ear in their direction with their 2016 debut album Fed To The Lions and they’ve trumped it with Change Your Position, which landed in March and is packing the kind of anthemic tunes that manage to hit a fuzz-driven groove, time after time. I’ve not seen them live yet but I’d be surprised if they’re anything less than MEGA with hundreds and thousands on top.

Tax The Heat, Saturday 28 April, Jumpin’ Jacks, above The Dog & Parrot, 52 Clayton Street West, Newcastle, 7pm, £11. seetickets.com