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Music Editorial

martinrafferty18.jpg Hey! He's the Real Deal!

This up and coming singer/songwriter guitar hero is Martin Rafferty who makes the kind of classic rock that is big of heart and melody. He’s playing the wonderful Exchange in North Shields this March.

Martin Rafferty was born and raised on a housing estate in Armagh City where he steeped himself in the sounds of Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, Green Day, Foo Fighters and The Gaslight Anthem. And those influences have certainly filtered through to his sound which is in full throttle on his raucous five track Last Brigade EP, which is as thrilling a debut as I’ve heard in a while and certainly making plenty of waves. It was picked up for some serious rotation on 200+ US radio stations and has been licensed by 20 major TV networks such as FOX and ESPN.

Over the past couple of years Martin and his band, The Northern City Lights, have been building up a following through extensive gigging with the band really connecting with their fans. Martin: “I want to reach the people that live for the weekend and surround themselves with all of their mates to celebrate life. My songs are generally about feeling frustrated by the establishment, about relationships, the working class and unemployment, but I want to deliver something positive out of it all and send a message of hope that is uplifting to people’s everyday lives.” The gig is on Good Friday and it should be a very good Friday indeed.

Martin Rafferty and the Northern City Lights, Friday 30 March, The Exchange, Howard Street, North Shields, 8pm, £7. attheexchange.info