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Stage Editorial

larrydean18.jpg Hey! A very funny man!

And that very funny man in full: Larry Dean! He’s one of the hottest up and coming stars on the circuit and he’s coming to The Stand in Newcastle this March.

Actually, scratch the above. Larry Dean is the next step above “up and coming”, because he was crowned Scottish Comedian of the Year when he was only 23 and he’s already trousered the Amused Moose Comedy Award, too. He’s from Glasgow and, as he told an Aussie audience, “Some people don’t know where Glasgow is and I was on a date and said to them, ‘I’m Glaswegian’ and they went, ‘Oh right, so that mean’s you’re half Norwegian and half… Galapagos Islands…?’.” The date he was on was with a fella, and he touches on his sexuality in his act including giving his own unique take on ‘pray the gay away’ camps as well as body dysmorphia and long-distance relationships (these topics spun into an unlikely tale of a lunch date with a pair of murderers…). His sharp gags are all pulled together with a breezy charm and this 2018 tour should see him cement his place well above “up and coming”.

Larry Dean: Fandan , Tuesday 20 March, The Stand, High Bridge, Newcastle, doors 7pm (show begins 8.30pm), £8. thestand.co.uk