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Music Editorial

thegame18.jpg He still got Game

Straight outta Compton to Teesside University’s Student Union is The Game, one of the biggest hitters to emerge from the 21st century West Coast hip-hop scene. Hands in the air.

There’s an argument to be made that when it comes to the most consistent hip-hop artists who have been around since the mid 2000s, then Game is right up there with Nas, maybe just behind Kanye and Kendrick. He’s released eight studio albums since 2005, from the autobiographical The Documentary, which is still considered one of the most influential West Coast albums ever made, through to 2016’s 1992, which showed that he could dominate the mic as much as ever, spinning tales of vivid lyricism that brought to life the streets of Compton. He always pays his dues to hip-hop’s illustrious history (indeed his numerous tattoos include tributes to some of rap’s deceased forefathers including Easy-E, 2Pac and Jam Master Jay) and he’s not adverse to letting hip-hop’s uproarious past inform his stage shows. Expect this Game to be ON when he visits Teesside in March.

The Game + full band + Khaki, Scope + Liv Harland, Wednesday 21 March, Teesside University Student Union, 7pm, £27.50. skiddle.com