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Music Editorial

outkast18.jpg Outkast! 12-piece choir!

Oh man! This is going to be all kinds of awesome as World Headquarters team up once again with Wylam Breweries for an Outkast special in February.

World Headquarters and Wylam Breweries have been a match made in heaven over the last few months with some incredible gigs at the venue (that Paul Simon show! That Fleetwood Mac show! Oh man!). Among their February treats is an incredible 12-piece choir and dope rhythm section who will be performing all Outkast’s biggies. These cats are ultra-slick and have sold out multiple Outkast shows over the last 12 months or so and have honed their set to the absolute bomb. And when the gig is over there’s also a free afterparty at World Headquarters. Can I hear a “Hey Ya!”

Outkast’s Greatest Hits, Saturday 24 February, Wylam Brewery, Palace of Arts, Exhibition Park, Newcastle, 7pm, £20. https://www.welovewhq.com/event/outkasts-greatest-hits-performed-live-by-a-12-piece-choir-dope-rhyth...