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whiskey18.jpg Whisky galore!

The Newcastle Whisky Festival is back in March – and booking now – with the kind of good stuff that will have connoisseurs purring and newcomers wondering just why they’ve left it so long to succumb to this nectar of the gods.

Blended whisky can be as good, or even better, than a single malt. Huh? “World” whiskies can be just as delectable as the Scottish stuff. Wuh? Age – nor price – doesn’t guarantee quality. Wha? It’s true! The wonderful world of whisky can be a tricky beast to get a handle on but for 10 years now the Whisky Lounge has been sorting out the wheat (and barley and corn) from the chaff, and their next Newcastle Whisky Festival looks set to be another Must Visit for those who look beyond Bacardi Breezers for their alcoholic thrills.

The one-day festival (which is held over two sessions) will give you the chance to taste the best of homegrown whiskies from all over Scotland, as well as an outstanding selection from right around the world. There will also be some workshops and “under the counter” drams. It all takes place in the salubrious environs of Newcastle’s Civic Centre and each knowledgeable exhibitor will be happy to chat about their particular whisky if you’d like a natter while you imbibe. Check out the website, below, for more information and ticket details.

Newcastle Whisky Festival, Saturday 10 March, Civic Centre, Newcastle, 1st session 12pm-4pm, 2nd session 6pm-10pm (two hour Taster Tickets also available). Each session £40 (Taster Tickets £20). Tickets include Glencairn tasting glass, festival guide and all whiskies sampled (not including “under the counter” drams). thewhiskylounge.com/event/newcastle-whisky-festival-2018