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Stage Editorial

halftermdance18.jpg Looks like it’s half term at Dance City

Dance City’s February programme includes some great family workshops and shows including, yep, that all important woman with a bucket on her head.

And said woman, and said bucket, are part of cAty wOMpus and other works, a triple bill of new pieces exploring journeys to destinations, both real and imagined, featuring a colourful shack lifted straight out of the wild American outback made of steel, wood, junk and live bluegrass music. Cool. Performed by Durham-based Flex Dance you can see it on Saturday 10 February (7.30pm, £9.50 adults/£8 children). Look out also for The Chit Chat Chalk Show, a magical chalky adventure where children can join Kiko and her friends on a quest to find out what makes her unique (two performances on Saturday 17 February: the 1pm show is a relaxed performance; the second show is 4pm. £9.50 adults/£8 children). Dance City will also be running plenty of workshops including highland dancing and trapeze (crikey!). Full details from their website.

Dance City, Temple Street, Newcastle. dancecity.co.uk