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Art Editorial

seanscully18.jpg He's earned his stripes

To say that Sean Scully likes his stripes is akin to suggesting that Vincent van Gogh enjoys slapping on a bit of yellow; and you can see early work from the twice Turner Prize nominated artist at the Hatton Gallery & Laing Art Gallery from February.

While some artists take a scattergun approach to their work, letting a wide range of influences and disciplines inform their approach, others find a whole world to explore by simply honing in on one particular leitmotif. For Sean Scully it’s all about those stripes, and it’s his exploration into this deceptively simple form that has made him a globally renowned master of post-minimalist abstraction. He has a strong connection with the region as, in 1968, he moved to Newcastle University from Croydon College, and it was while he was in the north-east that he made the breakthroughs that laid the foundation for the rest of his career. In this exhibition 16 paintings from the period 1969-1974 will be presented (including Newcastle Bridge, 1972 – pictured) along with a large selection of his sketches from 1967-1969, never previously exhibited, which still provide the fertile ground from which Scully’s recent work continues to redefine itself.

Sean Scully: 1970, 10 February-28 May, Hatton Gallery & Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle. hattongallery.org.uk; laingartgallery.org.uk