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Art Editorial

bukkavane.jpg Masculinity: out for the count?

The Vagaries and Misconceptions of the Modern Man at Vane brings together recent sculptural works that explore the fallibilities in seemingly certain masculine positions.

This exhibition features work that is brashly explicit or operates with a disquieting undercurrent, and brings in elements of political unrest, sexuality, violence or intergenerational dispute. The show features work from three artists including Kenneth Ross (that’s his Bukkake Angel, pictured) whose interests lie in aspects relating to the structure of the banal. There will also be work from Ralph Darbyshire who manipulates and layers materials, objects and imagery to create complex works that offer the viewer a sustained encounter that is at once seductive and confusing; and Richard Hollinshead who references the visual language of classical Greek sculpture, and the idealised male form it promotes, to explore contemporary male identity.

The Vagaries and Misconceptions of the Modern Man, until 24 February, Vane, First Floor, Commercial Union House, 39 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle (open Wed-Sat 12-5pm). vane.org.uk