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Music Editorial

tokillakingpic18.jpg Regicide for fun and profit

To Kill A King’s new album The Spiritual Dark Age is released on 12 January and has nary been off my turntable since I first got my mitts on it in early December. (And, oh, they’re playing The Cluny in January.)

While some bands crash and burn with one album – in which they stick all the ideas that they’re ever likely to have on it – others take the time to grow, to breathe, to unfurl. To Kill A King are one such band. They get better with each passing year, and on each of their three albums to date, culminating in their new release, which is their most free-wheelin’ yet: a folk rocking stomper that throbs with the kind of swaying melodies that should win the five-piece a whole new audience.

Frontman Ralph Pelleymounter: “The Spiritual Dark Age is the last three years of my life painstakingly distilled into 40 minutes of music. It has ballads for my single friends watching everyone else gradually pair off, and deities getting drunk in bars. It has moments of anger and disgust at characters like Peter Popoff [a US televangelist] and their parasitic feeding off the most vulnerable people, and it has folk songs about two gods who’d rather burn down the world than admit they still love each other. But hopefully, in amongst the chaos and darker tales, it has an underlying message that compassion, being such a beautiful and complex thing, may just save the day.”

To Kill A King, Monday 15 January, The Cluny, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £10. thecluny.com