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Music Editorial

indiemusicweek18.jpg Grabbing that ineffable indie vibe

Independent Venue Week is celebrating its fifth birthday at the end of January with several local venues getting on board. I think it’s fair to say there will be gigs in the offing.

And one of the five ambassadors championing the Independent Venue Week cause this year is South Tyneside’s very excellent Nadine Shah (pictured), who released her third album to great acclaim earlier this year. She said: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a fancy sit down gig in some elaborate venue but I’ll take a sweat fest in some small dive any day of the week. Being so close to a stage and properly submerging yourself in a show is hard to top.” I’m sure Shah isn’t sticking the “dive” label on the region’s lovely independent venues but among those taking part are The Studio in Hartlepool; Ernest, The Little Buildings and Cobalt Studios in Newcastle; Pop Recs and Independent in Sunderland; and The Georgian Theatre and Ku Bar in Stockton. Indeed, Stockton is set to feature one of the gigs of the week with First Wave Vol 1 on Friday 2 February that will feature four venues and 10 artists at Ku and The Georgian Theatre. Headliners will be Life and BlackWaters (who I’m particularly excited about) who, fittingly, are set to lead a resurgence in the indie guitar sound in 2018. More details on the whole caboodle from the website, below.

Independent Venue Week, Monday 29-Sunday 4 February. independentvenueweek.com