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Music Editorial

mogwai18.jpg Mog on the Tyne

Top drawer post-rockers Mogwai certainly proved that they weren’t post-fantastic when they dropped their brilliant Every Country’s Sun into our lives in 2017. They’re coming to Northumbria University on 1 February.

Mogwai are your go to band if you’re in need of a really cool soundtrack, but they proved that they are no slouches when it comes to their own output too with one of 2017’s most arresting listens, the spiffing Every Country’s Sun. It features a rare vocal track, Party in the Dark, which received all the radio airplay (and jolly lovely it is too), but elsewhere it also saw the band recovering plenty of their early playfulness and verve taking in the chilly atmospherics of aka 47, the tumbling joy of Brain Sweeties, and the fuzzy rush of Battered At a Scramble. To live with it over a period of time was to give your head a soundtrack album of its very own. The band headlined 2017’s Festival No. 6, but I prefer to hear them indoors and, unless Northumbria University have lost a roof since I was last there, I can’t wait to lose myself in yet another of their mesmeric performances.

Mogwai, Thursday 1 February, Northumbria University, Newcastle, 8pm, £27.50. mynsu.co.uk