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Stage Editorial

patrick18.jpg Bono has let himself go

Hey! That’s not Bono! That’s the always very funny Patrick Monahan who is bringing his Rewind Selector 90s show to Darlington in January.

Patrick Monahan is always great fun and you can’t help but warm to him through the sheer force of his personality, which is as unstoppable as a runaway pantomime horse and just as funny. I caught him a year or two back at the Gala in Durham and got totally caught up in his infectious enthusiasm, and I can’t wait to see his latest show in which he dips back into the 1990s to explore what life was like back then, from Cool Britannia to the basic technology that we all struggled with (dial up modems – shudder). And as an Irish/Iranian/Teesside chap, he has a truly unique take on this decade which, if it’s anything like his 1980s show, should be a real dose of pure unadulterated sunshine that is sure to light up this very coldest of all months.

Patrick Monahan: Rewind Selector 90s, Friday 26 January, Hippodrome Studio, Darlington Hippodrome, 8pm, £12. Darlingtonhippodrome.co.uk