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Clubs Editorial

moodymann.jpg He’s the Mann!

It’s Moodymann! At last! After years of trying, World Headquarters have finally enticed him to their hallowed DJ booth with the promise of up-for-it-punters and as many bags of Doritos as he can handle.

Moodymann (aka Kenny Dixon) is steeped in the sound of Detroit, working at several record stores in the city during the mid-nineties, while also holding down a residency at Outcast Motorcycle Club. He used this as a launch pad to release his own music on Planet E Records from where his fame just exploded. Renowned for straddling the worlds of techno and house with dashing aplomb, his innovative use of riffs, samples and grooves is unmatched, as is his ability to bring in classic soul and jazz elements that make his stuff simply fly. His DJ sets are legendary and WHQ are delighted to have him on board: “Quite simply, the greatest around and one of our biggest inspirations, no one does it like Moody”. Quite.

Moodymann & TBC Soundsystem, Friday 2 February, World Headquarters, Carliol Square, 11pm, £25. welovewhq.com