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Music Editorial

sextile18.jpg Sextile get sexed up

And by “sexed up” I mean “bang out guitar synth punk like a band with a grudge against the world”. They’re coming to ram a metaphorical hoover up your blouse in January.

Ripped is a good indication of what Sextile are all about, being, as it is, a pell-mell synth attack that sounds like a bunch of angry wasps attacking an urgent beat while a strident vocalist demands “Death to the fascist with the loud speakers, Death to the people who wanna oppress us”. Imagine Public Image Limited being turned up to 11 by Giorgio Moroder who has also seen fit to add a whole load of squelchyness into the mix. It’s the sound of a band teetering on the edge but bringing plenty of thrills while they’re there. And it’s just one track from their very excellent Albeit Living album, which was one of the most urgent, most necessary, listens of 2017. The Los Angeles outfit always had plenty of promise but they’ve delivered in spades with this, their second album, which comes on like Joy Division and Devo being shoved into a Kenwood Chef. I’ve not seen them live before, but I reckon this one could really go off like a firecracker..

Sextile, Saturday 20 January, Think Tank?, Times Square, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £6. skiddle.com