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getoutofjail17.jpg Escape to victory!

If December is about anything, it’s about being stuck in an old jail, solving a whole bunch of puzzles, and then emerging victorious with the kind of smile that could light up a Christmas tree.

I’ll do most things to get out of Christmas shopping including, yep, being banged up in the local nick. Luckily for me, local company Enigma Mobile are offering such an undertaking throughout December. The gist? In a disused Victorian prison in Gateshead it’s rumoured that the last inmates created their own challenges fashioned from just their wit and limited resources. Your task? To break in, complete the challenges and then emerge victorious. Crikey!

Enigma Mobile ran a similar challenge in October and it received huge acclaim from those of us who like to test ourselves in a kind of Crystal Maze meets Escape Room kind of way, and this event promises even more uproarious fun. One hour slots are available to book on each Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout December right up to, and including, Christmas Eve. It’s got to beat traipsing around Marks & Spencer.

Enigma Mobile at Gateshead Old Prison, each Friday-Sunday in December up to Christmas Eve. £50 for 2 players, £60 for 3, £68 for 4-5. Enigma Mobile can also take their games into homes, venues and organisations. More details on this, and the prison challenge, from: enigmamobile.co.uk