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Music Editorial

courtesans17.jpg And let’s have some doom pop...

They’re wry, they’re spry, they’re crisp and dry, they’re Courtesans! (Who will definitely bring the doom, but, hey, they’ll also be bringing the pop, too when they play Newcastle this December.)

I love collecting bit of hyperbole from press releases and this is a particularly fine effort from Courtesans’ latest: “Their songs might make you feel like a diabetic on thirty doughnuts blended with the bittersweet feelings of a prisoner on death row having his favourite last meal.” Crikey! They might make you feel that way; they also might make you feel like you’re listening to a band who write absolutely killer rock melodies and then know how to drape them with the kind of doomy atmosphere that will have you swooning with delight. This year’s super Better Safe Than Sober EP is suitably grandiose, featuring towering slabs of guitars, but it’s all wrapped up in the kind of theatrical melodies that you can really take to the bank. And their latest tour should be a real “Must See” as supporting are Berlin-based electronic rock duo Bullet Height, who know a thing or two about the anthemic themselves. Final word to that breathless Courtesans press release: “Courtesans are the equivalent of suicidal unicorns on smack.”

Courtesans + Bullet Height, Saturday 9 December, Think Tank?, Times Square, Newcastle, 7pm, £9. seetickets.com