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lowcutconnie17.jpg What rock and roll should be

While Philadelphia’s Low Cut Connie may look like a bunch of frat boys whose currency is pranks of the lowest order, they’re actually one of the most sizzling live acts you’ll see anywhere.

Low Cut Connie have a real, barrelling, bar-room rock ‘n’ rock aesthetic that has garnered them a huge following in the US (President Obama is a fan and chose their anthem of low-brow American life Boozophila for his Spotify Playlist). This year’s super Dirty Pictures (part 1) album has seen them developing their style somewhat, moving beyond their down-the-hatch-boogie-woogie to encompass another side to US life.

“We’ve been thought of as a great party band by so many people, and we wear that as a badge of honour, but I really wanted to go deeper with this record,” says frontman Adam Weiner. “We’ve been travelling this country [the United States] for a number of years, meeting people of all stripes, entertaining them in their bars and sleeping on their couches, laughing hard, holding them tight and sweating it out with them. I wrote this record thinking about how people are feeling and living in this country these days. It’s a wild scene out there.” And it’s sure to be a wild scene at Cluny 2 when Low Cut Connie hit us up in December.

Low Cut Connie, Friday 8 December, Cluny 2, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 8pm, £12. thecluny.com