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Clubs Editorial

pressuredrop.jpg A drop of the good stuff

If you’re looking for thrills between Christmas and New Year – with a distinct reggae/ska/etc hue – then get on your best skanking trousers and head for Pressure Drop at Stockton’s Georgian Theatre.

Is there a greater week in the year than that period between Christmas Day and New Year? Time gets mangled, there always seems to be a bowl of nuts or an open tub of Celebrations at hand, and it’s wall to wall Wall-E on the telly. New Year’s Eve is quite often a disappointment however as the onus on making this The Big One often leads to feelings that someone somewhere is having a much better time than yourself. New Year’s Eve is often rip-off central, too, when even ropy old pubs are trying to grab a tenner off you just for the privilege of crossing their threshold. You’ll find none of that nonsense at Pressure Drop, which, rather cleverly, is taking place the day before New Year’s Eve and charging you the princely sum of zero pence to get in. And, as ever, they’ll have an array of DJs ready to regale you with top boss reggae, ska, rocksteady and soul from the 60s and early 70s. And, yep, it’s all being played on that original lovely vinyl. I think the eve of New Year’s Eve has just become the new New Year’s Eve.

Pressure Drop, Saturday 30 December, Georgian Theatre, Green Dragon Yard, Stockton, 7.30pm, free. georgiantheatre.co.uk