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Stage Editorial

thelockin17.jpg Get yourself a Christmas Lock In

The Lock In ‘Christmas Carol’ is one part gig, one part dance show, one part panto, and a whole lot of fun featuring The Demon Barbers.

If you’re looking for a night-out in December that really lets its hair down then step right up. The gist is this: it’s Christmas Eve and the regulars of The Olde Fighting Cocks are excited about the night ahead – it’s going to be the folk and hip-hop dance party of the year. But to their dismay, the landlady, Jasmineezer Scrooge, has more profitable ambitions and is preparing to launch her new business, the ‘Oompah Techno Bar’ – cheap alcopops, luminous lighting and mind-numbing bass beats which are all in danger of alienating the local community and ruining Christmas! Oh no! Fortunately, some insightful souls are on hand to lead her back to her senses. Featuring folk powerhouse The Demon Barbers, artists from Breaking Tradition Dance Company, a new seasonal repertoire and a ‘slightly unhinged’ approach to family friendly stage shows, you can expect this one to conjure up a really raucous atmosphere full of energy and virtuoso musicianship.

The Lock In ‘Christmas Carol’, Saturday 16 December, Sage Gateshead, 7pm, £17.40 (under 16s £8.70, family tickets also available). sagegateshead.com