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duklaprague17.jpg All I want for Christmas...

...is a Dukla Prague away kit. While some people only want their two front teeth for Christmas, the cool kids, as ever, are hankering after the away strip of the Czech Republic’s coolest club.

Who would have thought that the b-side of a 1986 single, that never troubled the upper reaches of the charts, would still be celebrated more than 30 years down the line. All I Want For Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit, by Half Man Half Biscuit, is a discordant tale of childish obsession and rivalry set around a game of Subbuteo: “So he’d send his doting mother up the stairs with the stepladders / To get the Subbuteo out of the loft / He had all the accessories required for that big match atmosphere / The crowd and the dugout and the floodlights too / You’d always get palmed off with a headless centre forward / And a goalkeeper with no arms and a face like his / And he’d managed to get hold of a Dukla Prague away kit / ‘Cos his uncle owned a sports shop and he’d kept it to one side.”

The actual Dukla Prague ceased to exist in 1996 (they now play as FK Dukla Prague), but Toffs sell their 1960s shirts, including that all-important away top, which is very lovely in its own right. Of course, sardonic buggers Half Man Half Biscuit have probably written at least one song about hipsters wearing retro shirts, but I certainly wouldn’t grumble if I found this under the tree on Christmas morning.

Dukla Prague 1960s Away Retro Shirt, £35, from toffs.com (note: they do the Dukla Prague trackie-tops too – very nice).