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Clubs Editorial

madchester17.jpg Look at his eyes! Look at his eyes!

The Madchester scene is being recreated at World Headquarters in December with sounds from The Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, New Order and Take That (not Take That – ed.).

I wonder which musical scenes of today will be fawned over and get tribute nights 20 or 30 years down the line? A “Will-This-Do?” night featuring the sounds of Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran? How about “Identikit-RnB-Auto-Tune-Heaven”? That’s not our concern at the moment. What I am getting myself worked up into a lather about is this Madchester shindig, which is coming to shake some maracas in the face of World Headquarters this November. This night will bounce to the sounds of some of the UK’s greatest ever bands – Roses, Mondays, etc – but also related acts – Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers etc – and all of those tunes which rocked the Hacienda to its foundations back in the day. Shaun Ryder knows the score: “My advice to kids today is you may be 20 now but you’ll wake up next week and you’ll be fucking 52, mate, so go and enjoy it.” Sage advice.

Madchester, Thursday 23 November, Top Floor, World Headquarters, Carliol Square, Newcastle, 11pm-4am, £5. welovewhq.com