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Film Editorial

tilleys17.jpg October? Shocktober more like!

If you’re in the market for free horror films in October then all dimly lit and fog shrouded roads lead to Tilley’s bar in Newcastle where they’ve got creepy celluloid galore.

If you ever need a stiff drink after seeing a horror film then where better to watch it than one of Newcastle’s best bars, Tilley’s? (And, hey, these films are so unnerving you’ll probably need something before and during.)

This year there are plenty of highlights but I’d particularly pick out The Plague of the Zombies (a 1966 Hammer film that would go on to influence many a zombie film – October 2, 6pm), The Evil Dead (another hugely influential shocker from Sam Raimi – October 11, 9pm), What We Do in the Shadows (a 2014 mockumentary about a bunch of vampires living in New Zealand – October 16, 7pm), American Werewolf in London (the title kind of gives away the plot, October 19, 7pm), Quatermass and the Pit (the best of the Quatermass films – from 1967 – with a final act that is still bonkers to behold – October 22, 6pm), Young Frankenstein (pictured - Mel Brookes’ affectionate spoof – October 25, 8pm) and The Hound of the Baskervilles (Hammer’s lusty take on the classic Sherlock Holmes tale).

Elsewhere you can thrill to cult classics The Dark Crystal, The Reptile, Frankenstein & the Monster from Hell, Coraline, My Name is Bruce, Bubba Ho-Tep, Evil Dead 2, Monster House, Evil Dead 3, House, House 2, Time Bandits, The Lost Boys, Big Trouble in Little China, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, The Skeleton Returns and Dawn of the Dead. Full details from their Facebook page, below.

Tilley’s Bar, 105 Westgate Road, Newcastle. facebook.com/tilleys.bar