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Stage Editorial

richhall17.jpg We've got ourselves a hoedown

Rich Hall is one of the greatest exports to the UK from the US since Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew and his latest show – coming to Durham’s Gala Theatre in October – is uproariously funny.

Donald Trump’s presidency has moved the world closer to ecological and nuclear catastrophe, but, hey, there’s an upside, particular for US comics in that they’ve got a whole new bunch of material to work with. Rich Hall is about as good as it gets when it comes to US funnymen and his Hoedown tour begins, yes, with a withering dissection of Trump’s America and all of its twists and turns. But – lest we forget – the US has given us plenty of stuff that has enriched our lives too and his show ends up being a celebration of Americana. Bringing together stand-up, improvised ballads, top-notch musicianship and plenty of foot-stompin’, this is a performance that will leave you feeling gleeful, rather than one of those shows that will have you shaking your head at all of the world’s injustices. Hall, of course, is something of an anglophile appearing in the critically acclaimed BBC 4 documentaries Rich Hall’s Countrier Than You and Rich Hall’s Presidential Grudge Match (as well as a raft of comedy shows such as Have I Got News For You, QI, etc) but it’s in the live arena where he can really cut loose to display the breadth and depth of his talents. Fill your (cowboy) boots.

Rich Hall’s Hoedown, Friday 13 October, Gala Theatre, Durham, 8pm, £17. galadurham.co.uk