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Style & Stuff Editorial

ecoglasses.jpg Hey! Environmentally friendly specs!

MODO and ECO make a genuine contribution to the environment that pays more than lip service to green issues and they're available from Querido & Davidson in Newcastle.

One of the greenest things that any of us can do is simply stop buying stuff that we do not need. Spectacles, however - unlike junk such a snowglobe with the Creature from the Black Lagoon in it, a bottle opener shaped like Lady Di and a soundless vinyl album called The Wit & Wisdom of Margaret Thatcher (all of which I somehow own) – are completely necessary.

With all that in mind, can I draw your attention to the MODO and ECO range of specs that are available from Querido & Davidson in Heaton, Newcastle. ECO glasses and sunglasses are made from recycled materials and – get this! – they will plant a tree for every frame a customer purchases, a programme they’re snappily calling ‘One Frame-One Tree’.

MODO, meanwhile, are doing a ‘Buy A Frame-Help A Child See’ program, which works to provide the early detection and intervention necessary for children in need to look clearly towards a brighter future.

Querido & Davidson are continually on the look out for brands that are a bit different and if you’d like to see what ECO/MODO are all about then they’re having a free frame styling event in October.

ECO/MODO frame styling event Friday 13 & Saturday 14 October. Querido & Davidson, 196 Chillingham Road, Newcastle, NE6 5LN. innovativeeyecare.co.uk