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wdroving17.jpg Winter Droving is coming…

Penrith’s spectacular Winter Droving takes place on 28 October – officially the date that British Summer Time ends – so gird your loins for a full day (and night) of masks, music and mayhem.

Winter Droving has firmly established itself as one of the most uproariously fun events in the local calendar and this quintessentially British, and undoubtedly eccentric, affair is returning again this October to mark the beginning of winter and the “darker half” of the year.

Spread across the market town the festival will include four stages filled with local and national acts playing a range of music, with street acts also roaming the town.

The Kyloes Drovers Cup is returning – with local teams competing in hay bale racing, pint pass, egg throwing, tug-o-war and future Olympic sport Cumberland sausage eating – as is fancy dress with visitors donning masks and dressing up with the theme of animals, drovers, fire and winter.

Then, as darkness falls, the fire and lantern procession will begin and feature all the usual mayhem and fun with locals and visitors alike lining the packed streets throughout the town. Leading the way will be one of the region’s most deliriously joyful bands, The Baghadaddies, who will be regaling the masses with their energetic Balkan melodies, ska, Latin grooves and sizzling brass, before taking to the stage to keep the party in full flow.

Eden Arts’ Director, Adrian Lochhead: “The Winter Droving has fast become embedded into the local town’s culture. It’s a regional highlight with people now coming from all over the UK. We’ve created a bit of a monster – but it’s one with a friendly face…”

Winter Droving, Saturday 28 October, Penrith, Cumbria. Full details on all of the events (and details on places to stay over) from: winterdroving.uk