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Art Editorial

garageland17.jpg I LOVE this pic!

And it’s just one of the images that makes up ‘Garageland’, an exhibition of rock ‘n’ roll portraits of north-east types connected to the local music scene that have all been taken by Sheena Revolta.

I love the hair, I love the blouse, I love the look, I love the storm clouds gathering overhead that seem to say don’t mess with the hair, blouse or look. It’s a pic of Danielle Johnson, guitarist and drummer with the sadly defunct local outfits Witch Hands and Russell and the Wolves, and it’s just one of the photographs that make this exhibition such a real joy. It’s all the work of Sheena Revolta who used charity shop cameras, and an old Nokia mobile phone, to give the shots that DIY aesthetic that neatly dovetails with the subjects which are drawn from the creative end of the local music scene taking in musicians, DJs, promoters and writers. It’s being held at the lovely Arch Sixteen Café in Gateshead so you have the added bonus of being able to grab yourself an incredible cup of coffee while you’re there (and a bite to eat if you’re feeling peckish).

Garageland, 7-29 October, Arch Sixteen Café, Arch 16, High Level Parade, Wellington Street, Gateshead. facebook.com/archsixteencafe