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tattyfrida.jpg Not free (but it is Frida...)

Hey! If you were thinking that Tatty Devine hadn’t yet gotten around to making Mexican flower charm bracelets inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo, then you’d be very much mistaken. (Because they have.)

Although Frida Kahlo was much feted by the surrealists during her lifetime – having solo shows in New York in 1938 and Paris in 1939 – she wasn’t really recognised as a major figure in 20th century art until around the 1990s when she also became something of an iconic figure for feminists and the LGBTQ movement. (And Madonna saw that bandwagon hurtling somewhere so she also climbed aboard.) But you can never really say that you’ve made it as an artist until those purveyors of fine laser cut plastic, Tatty Devine, have devoted a range to you. In the past they’ve produced collections that have looked to Andy Warhol and Gilbert & George for inspiration - and they’ve also given a nod to various art movements such as Bauhaus - but I think they’ve surpassed themselves with their Frida Kahlo stuff. The Mexican artist liked to adorn herself in flowers and they were often included in her work. “I paint flowers so they will not die,” she once said. Having said that she also once said, “Take a lover who looks at you like you are a bourbon biscuit,” so, you know, don’t take her words as perspective altering truths.

Seek: tattydevine.com