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Art Editorial

revolvutiontyne.jpg Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!

It’s the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution and a special programme at the Tyneside Cinema – in partnership with Durham University – is marking it the only way that they know how: with art, films and discussions.

It was five years ago when Pussy Riot were banged up for 21 months in Putin’s Russia (and, to put my glib hat on for a second, I’ve heard their stuff and reckon they got off pretty lightly). Who knows if their actions will be debated with as much fervour as 1917’s Russian Revolution 100 years hence, but, for now, we’ve got ‘What’s Left? A Century in Revolution’ to get our teeth into. The programme will examine the paradoxes of revolutionary cycles across the 20th and 21st centuries and focus on the legacies of ‘revolution’ today, mapping connections between bunfights in Latin America, China and the Middle East. The programme includes Zapatista Embassy, a new exhibition from political activist group Chto Delat?, inspired by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, as well as a film programme including Pussy vs Putin (pictured), Memories of Underdevelopment (Cuban film from 1968) and The Uprising (a documentary showing us the Arab revolutions from the inside). There will also be a special screening of Eisenstein’s October: Ten Days That Shook The World with a live piano score performed by John Snijders. Take to the streets! (Specifically the ones that lead you to the Tyneside Cinema.)

What’s Left? A Century in Revolution, 29 September-8 October, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle. Full programme: tynesidecinema.co.uk/whats-left