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Art Editorial

cartfest17.jpg What on earth is going on here?

A horse standing on a Cumbrian riverbank with C-Art written on its flank? It can only mean that Eden Arts’ award-winning contemporary art festival - featuring special events, exhibitions, installations, open studios and more - is back.

What’s on during 2017’s C-Art Festival? What isn’t on, more like. This year’s programme is absolutely weighed down with the good stuff - from the Captain Boomer Collective taking visitors into the depths of Rheged to encounter “something strange”, to intimate, immersive digital installations in Kendal - you’ll find a diverse series of exhibitions, events and happenings that will make Cumbria the centre of the art world this September. The festival gives a platform to the new and emerging, as well as the traditional, and celebrates Cumbria’s rich creative talent, inviting visitors to step into the gallery and the landscape to explore and meet the artists themselves (and, hey, you could pick up a piece yourself). Other events/shows to look out for include Come As You Are (a participatory performance that is all about you), Luminosity (work by UK and international artists inspired by the theme of light) and Beastie (coming to Cumbria for the first time, Beastie may initially be met with suspicion, even fear, but as the creature wanders the streets, this outsider senses our welcome…). The full programme – including information on workshops, open studio events, the Cumbrian Artist of the Year exhibition, and more, can be grabbed from the website, below.

C-Art Festival, 8-17 September, Cumbria. c-art.org.uk