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Clubs Editorial

omars17.jpg Oh my! It’s Omar-S!

Foreplay is bringing Omar-S, one of the finest house and techno producers on the planet, to World Headquarters in September. Are we excited? Is the Pope a Carl Cox fan? (He is actually, ie we’re very excited.)

I first got into the wonderful world of Omar-S through his superb mix album for Fabric – Fabric 45 – back in 2009, in which he, rather audaciously, packed the release out with only his own stuff. In lesser hands this might have come over as self-centred, but his stuff is so hot that it made this iteration of the long-running series one of its very best. And the man is certainly no limelight-hogger, keeping a relatively low-key profile despite releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums and singles. And, in keeping with his policy of eschewing the mega for the intimate, he’s all set to play a special extended three-hour set upstairs in World Headquarters which has a capacity of around 320. You’ll not be able to get this up close and personal with Omar-S anywhere else in Europe this year, so don’t look this mother fudging gift horse in its mother fudging mouth.

Foreplay presents: Omar S, Friday 22 September, World Headquarters, Carliol Square, 8pm, £tbc. welovewhq.com