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Music Editorial

anteros17.jpg Ant music for NOW people

Anteros look kinda fabulous, do they not? And – what do you know – they sound kind of fabulous, too.

This London four-piece make the kind of guitar pop that is threatening to make guitar pop a vital force of nature once again. And about time, too. Their choppy, new-wavey melodies call to mind everyone from Blondie to The Pretenders, but they also have the pop chops of someone like No Doubt with their ability to carve out some real killer hooks for themselves and liberally sprinkle them in stardust. They’ve released a clutch of singles – Cherry Drop, Ring Ring, The Beat - that all have the kind of swaggering confidence that makes them really sing. And in frontwoman, Laura Hayden, they have someone who knows how to hit sweet spot after sweet spot. Catch them in the intimate environs of Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle (above the Dog & Parrot pub) before they go really mega and see you down the goddamn front.

Anteros, Friday 29 September, Jumpin’ Jacks (above The Dog & Parrot), 52 Clayton Street West, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £6. seetickets.com