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vinylglasses.jpg The vinyl revival continues

Vinylize make high quality eyewear from vinyl records. I’ll say that again: high quality eyewear from vinyl records. Oh my! And there’s one optician in Newcastle – with that all-important exclusivity tag – where you can bag a pair right now.

I still maintain that vinyl records are the most impressive invention to come out of the 20th century. From Beethoven to the Birdie Song, just how does that simple flat black disc let you play any kind of music? It’s still like magic to me. And I just knew that those lovely vinyl records would never curl up and die as evinced by their resurgence over the last few years. Even Tesco is stocking vinyl again. But what you can’t get at Tesco is this very natty range of Vinylize Eyewear, a European based brand, that is being exclusively stocked in Newcastle at Grey St. Optician. And, yes, they really are made from vinyl records – but only the best, fat, 180g stock (ie they haven’t been cobbled together from old Des O’Conner albums that they’ve found in their local Oxfam shop). They are incredibly durable – think bulletproof glass – due to the combination of laminated materials that adds strength, so if you’ve only got eyes for vinyl, then now you can really prove it.

Vinylize Eyewear is exclusively available from Grey St. Optician, 103 Grey Street, Newcastle. Mention ‘The Crack’ to get 10% off the range. greyst.co.uk