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Music Editorial

warmdigits17.jpg The mighty return of Warm Digits

As the above headline kind of makes reference to, Newcastle duo Warm Digits are indeed about to make a mighty return and it’s with their first album for the rather lovely Memphis Industries label. They’ve also got a gig.

We’ve always been very partial to a bit of Warm Digits and we’re not the only ones with legendary DJ/producer Andrew Weatherall also on board, frothing his head off about the pair’s “machine funk kraut-a-delia”. He’s not wrong. The band have always had a krautrock edge but have managed to steer it into some very sparkly pastures, like Neu! necking Tootie Frooties.

The first track to land from their new album is End Times, and it’s the aural equivalent of the word “WOW!”. It features vocals from Field Music’s Peter Brewis and should be the last song on any DJ’s playlist when the apocalypse hits, with its pummelling disco beats and exhortations to “dance until you drop”. It’s just one of a number of collaborations on their new album, Wireless World, with vocal duties being handled by the likes of St. Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell, Devon Sproule (who puts a stellar turn in on the exuberant banger The Rumble and the Tremor) and Mia La Metta of Beards.

Punters falling dazed out of Warm Digits’ live shows are often sent scrambling to the nearest thesaurus in order to look up new words for “Transcendent” and I reckon the launch gig for their new album is going to be a bit special, especially with support coming from TVAM (the one-man krautrock machine who puts stuff out on Static Caravan) and Blep (featuring electro-manglers Mariam Rezaei and Dawn Bothwell).

Warm Digits + TVAM + Blep, Friday 1 September, The Cluny, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £10. thecluny.com (Wireless World is released on 4 August).